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Debate in the British House of Commons on Quadratic Equations

In Science & Technology Promotion and Public Policy on March 28, 2011 at 5:08 PM

Quadratic equation is one of those equations which every student learns during his or her school days. The applications of this equation are numerous and varied and it shows up in different ways in different fields of study (see 1 and 2 for an interesting discourse). It is indeed remarkable and surprising at the same time to find that the British House of Commons debated quadratic equations in 2003 (record of this debate can be found here). The focus of this debate was mathematics education and it was rich in drawing on historical developments and highlighting the importance of mathematics for future technologies.

FPGA Based Prototyping

In Design Methodologies on March 24, 2011 at 10:31 PM

FPGA based prototyping is commonly used for prototyping ASIC designs. It is also being used increasingly for early verification of SoC design. This prototyping approach gives the opportunity to test and establish proper functionality of SoC software even before the actual SoC is taped out. SoC trend has clearly shown that software forms a major chunk of SoC design and hence it is even more essential to ensure its functionality as early as possible so that time to market can be met quickly. Synopsys and Xilinx have together released a book titled FPGA-Based Prototyping Methodology Manual which is available here. The book provides in detail the prototyping methodology as well as a few case studies. It also covers partitioning for multi-FPGA designs.