Electronics Engineering through Real World Examples

In Design Methodologies, Education on May 5, 2012 at 11:46 PM

How much can you learn from an electronic device/equipment? Quite a lot! If you know its purpose and you have a basic understanding of its intended area of application, you can figure out quite a lot about the internal details of the device by simply looking at it. Once you have managed to crack open the device and expose its internals, you can learn quite a lot about electronic system design. Not only will it enhance your practical knowledge, it will tell you a lot about how actual real world products are designed, manufactured and packaged. Design is not everything in the real world. There are manufacturing and packaging considerations too. A product has to appeal to its intended consumer. The Electronics Engineering Video Blog hosted by David L. Jones is an excellent resource on learning by tearing down devices. As an example, I would recommend to watch the teardown of Zoom H1 Audio Recorder here.

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