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Enterprise Collaboration for Research

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I had submitted a proposal,when I was the President of NTU Graduate Students’ Club(NTUGSC), to establish a campus wide knowledge exchange and research collaboration platform in Oct-Nov. 2011. With the support of Student Affairs Office (SAO) and  Center for IT Systems (CITS) at NTU and Cisco Systems (USA) Pte. Ltd., we just launched the pilot trial of NTU Collaboration platform which is a pilot implementation of Cisco’s WebEx social in NTU. The platform aims to promote innovation, interdisciplinary research, exchange of ideas etc. between students and faculty from different schools. Majority of the pilot users are drawn from the graduate student community. I have been responsible for framing end user requirements specification, promoting the significance of the platform to graduate student community and some associated staff with the help of NTU Graduate Students’ Club. NTUGSC, CITS and Cisco Systems have all been working together as a team to take this project forward. It is hoped that such a platform will increase interaction between students from different schools. We hope to see an increase in productivity in research, generation and sharing of knowledge, social and recreational engagement and the development of a “community feeling” among the students.

University Level Research Collaboration & Exchange of Knowledge

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It is interesting to see how large universities try to promote research collaboration and exchange of knowledge among their departments and schools. Very often a new interdisciplinary research center is set up to promote these. However, there is more that can be done to bring down barriers between the departments and encourage greater interaction between them. As part of my duties as the President of NTU Graduate Students’ Club (, I initiated a project in this regard with the very kind and passionate support of various offices in NTU. We are working on establishing an online platform using Cisco’s Quad Enterprise Collaboration Platform ( to promote greater interaction between research students and faculty members from different schools. We expect to do a pilot launch in the 1st quarter of 2012. I will make more details soon available.