Research Interests

My research interests are in the following areas:

  1. Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Computing Systems Security
  2. Reconfigurable Computing (FPGA, High Level Synthesis)
  3. High Performance Computing (HPC) on Embedded Devices
  4. Novel Models of Computing (like Neuromorphic Computing, Architecture for AI)
  5. Computer Arithmetic
  6. Mathematics related to Computing
  7. Medical Device Engineering and Design
  8. Industrial Problems (Algorithm design, system design and development)

I am interested in design, development and verification methodologies in these areas and also how they are used across a range of application domains. Therefore, translational research is also important to me.

The perspectives from which I investigate/study problems span the following:

  1. Low Power, Light-Weight Computing
  2. High availability, high maintainability
  3. Adaptation
  4. Security
  5. User Interface and Accessibility
  6. Reliability
  7. Performance

Reading is very important to me because that is one way of keeping oneself abreast of latest developments as well as theoretical foundations. I read all that I could lay my hands on: books, patents, conference and journal papers, market reports, online newsletters etc.

I am a regular follower of developments in industry as well, specially standardization efforts etc.  In the past, I have worked with IBIS models for FPGAs, Ethernet and SPI 4.2

You will find below keywords, phrases etc. which I have come across, read or written about during the course of my research. They are grouped under different categories for better understanding and are updated whenever I get time. This collection is not exhaustive.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)    

Partial reconfiguration, Bitstream compression, Routing congestion, Control sets,  Adaptive  hardware , Mixed-signal design

Clocks in Digital Design    

Clock tree synthesis, clock boosting,  Clock buffer, Slack,  Skew, Clock forwarding, Clock mirroring                    


Numerical algorithms, Numerical stability,  Pseudo-random algorithms, Heuristics based algorithms  


Last Updated: May 1, 2020


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