Services at IIT Goa

1. Chairman, Senate Scholarships Prizes and Awards Committee (2018-)

2. Chief of Corporate & International Relations (2019-)

3. Member Coordinator, Center for IT Services (CITS) (2018-)

4. Chairman, IIT Goa Publicity Team (2019-)


Editorial Positions:

1. Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Potentials (January 2020-)

2. Associate Editor, IEEE Potentials (January 2017- December 2019)

3. Associate Editor, ACM Ubiquity (September 2016)

4. Corresponding Editor, IEEE Potentials (January 2015- December 2016)


Standards Working Groups:

1. Member of IEEE P1076 Study Group: VHDL Analysis and Standardization Group (2014)

Conference Technical Program Committee:

IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI : ISVLSI 2018 (HK), ISVLSI 2019 (USA)
ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI 2017)
International Conference on VLSI Design (VLSID 2016)
Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ASQED 2015)


Professional Positions:

1. Chair, IEEE Young Professionals, Hong Kong Affinity Group (July 2014- Dec 2015)

Reviewer Services:

  • Journals: IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, IEEE Potentials, IEEE TVLSI, ACM TODAES, ACM TECS

Start Up Advisory Roles:

1. Ideatory, Singapore (2012-2014): Its initial focus was on crowd sourced solutions to embedded computing problems. You can know more about it here. (2012-2014)

2. Nucleus Dynamics, Singapore (2013-2014): Guided and helped in engineer recruitment, 2D image to 3D model conversion of wound images for automated wound examination; involved in strategies for business and clinical trials.

Student Organizations (Past):

1. Honorary Director, Nanyang Technological University Graduate Students’ Club (NTU GSC), 2012-2013

2. President, Nanyang Technological University Graduate Students’ Club (NTU GSC), 2011-2012

As President of NTU GSC, I was responsible for the over all management of the club looking after nearly 10,000 graduate students. The club looks after the social, academic and welfare aspects of graduate students. To this end, my teams would organize social as well as academic events. On the academic and welfare front, my team was tasked with providing ground level feedback to senior management to further improve the quality of graduate student life by looking at various aspects of graduate education as perceived by graduate students.

I proposed a university wide enterprise collaboration network for students, especially graduate students. With the support of Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd. and Center for IT systems at NTU, we conducted a pilot trial of Cisco’s Webex social platform which is an enterprise level collaboration platform. The pilot trial ended in late November 2012 and received positive feedback from the users. You can read my earlier posts on this here and here.

I also initiated and lead the team managing the participation of NTU students and staff in Qualcomm Tricoder X Prize Challenge (  We  partnered with  NTU Ventures to ensure a successful and pragmatic internal execution. We had to fold this project due to unavoidable reasons.

I helped in establishing a “Grievance Redressal Forum” for graduate students where they can share their grievances so that they get reported to and investigated by appropriate authorities. This forum is administered by NTU GSC with the support and guidance of Student Affairs Office, NTU.

In order to promote the spirit of volunteerism among graduate students, I helped in securing a grant from the Lee Foundation, Singapore to establish “Outstanding Graduate Volunteer Awards”.

3. Founding- Member (2009-2010) and Secretary (2010-2011), Nanyang Technological University Graduate Students’ Club (NTU GSC) Pro-tem Committee

I worked with a team of half a dozen volunteer graduate students from Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, China and Pakistan to set up NTU Graduate Students’ Club after the university authorities decided to have one.

[Last updated: March 1, 2019]

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